• About CILT Bangladesh

    Who we are

    The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport is the leading professional body with an established international pedigree. With over 30,000 members represented in 31 countries worldwide, CILT holds unparalleled professional international recognition. The Institute was formed in the UK in 1919 and received the Royal Charter in 1926. The principal objective of the Institute is to promote and encourage the art and science of supply chain, logistics and transport. The complete list and contact detail of CILT’s worldwide representation may be found in its website.

    What we do

    –  Arrange seminars, symposium on proposals for various problems encountered in the industry
    –  Arrange workshops on the recent developments, including changes in rules and regulations
    –  Affecting logistics and transport industry globally and locally
    –  Provide training to the professionals, existing and potential members through CILT accredited courses
    –  Provide information, maintain an online library, publishes journals and magazines, arrange conferences and lectures– all for educating the professionals in the field
    –  Submits papers to the national authority for policy making in the field of Logistics and Transport

    Why should you join CILT

    –  Networking with other professionals working in the same sector
    –  Developing your skills through networking, seminars and through various other activites of CILT
    –  Connecting your business through international network of professionals
    –  Be part of the research team and think tank in national policy making
    –  Use post nominal after your name which is recognized by the industry as mark of professional expertise and  experience in the field of logistics and transport
    –  Improve your knowledge through our extensive database, knowledge center and online library
    –  Share your knowledge and experiences to others, particularly to the young professionals
    –  Become part of the international community and gain recognition throughout the world
    –  Use of CILT approved designation
    –  Free access to database and online resource center
    –  Networking with other members, nationally and internationally

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