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Annual YP Trip to Sundarban

For the first time the Young professional forum (YPF) of CILT Bangladesh council took the initiative to organize an annual picnic to Sundharban, the largest mangroves forests in the world. The trip lasted for three days at The Sail ship, which is mainly for sundharban tourist. YPF visited various place like Harbaria Forest Station, Kochikhali, Katka forest area, Katka Jamtola sea beach, Katka Office area, Koromjol forest station, crocodile farm and deer-breeding center.

Entertainment such as football and carrom board was arranged for YPF members. During the cruise, two sessions was taken on the ship. One was emotional intelligence and another was data analytics. After 2nd session the YPF members were entertained with barbecue and music on the rooftop of the ship.