Membership - Women in Logistics and Transport


50% of the population of Bangladesh is female. CILT along with the WILAT program fully supports the status of women working in the logistics and transport industry. WILAT encourages the participation and development of female professionals within the field. WILAT is a special platform under CILT which promotes the status of women working in our industry.

WiLAT Mission

WILAT’s mission is to promote the status of women in Logistics and Transport in Bangladesh. We bring together both international and local experts and visionaries who support talented Bangladeshi female professionals. These leaders not only focus on the women in our country who want career development but also provide a support network and mentoring opportunities within the sector.

WiLAT Vision

Our vision for women in professional workplace is to be the most sought after for advocacy, professionalism and empowerment of women in Supply Chain, Logistics and Transport.

WiLAT Membership

WiLAT membership is fully dependent on membership of Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT). Female members of CILT automatically become members of their local group of WilAT. Male members of CILT or anyone interested in WilAT but not yet a member of CILT may become a Friend of WiLAT. For further information please contact the chairperson of your local group or your regional co-ordinator.

WiLAT Structure

Our Global Convenor, who sits on the CILT International Management Committee, is responsible for the growth and development of WiLAT internationally and for co-ordinating our annual global conference. Regional co-ordinators promote the interests of women in their region and encourage membership. Country groups work with and on behalf of women at local level, organising events, providing local support and networking opportunities, and representing women within the local CILT council.

“When more women enter the workplace it spurs innovation, increases productivity, and grows economies.” Hillary Clinton Join WiLAT

Any Society that fails to harness the energy and creativity of its women is at a huge disadvantage in the modern world” Tian Wei CCTV News.

WiLAT Regional Forum

No country can truly develop if half its population is left behind” Justine Greening UK Development Secretary


Aisha Ali Ibrahim

Global Convenor

Dr. Dorothy T.F. Chan

Global Advisor
Hong Kong

Alice Yip

Regional Co-ordinator East Asia
Hong Kong

Namalie Siyambalapitiya

Regional Co-ordinator South Asia
Sri Lanka

Dr Doreen Owusu-Fianko

Regional Co-ordinator Africa