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It is a milestone in the history of Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Bangladesh Council, to look forward with it’s newly organised website, which started its journey in 1998 with a group of enthusiastic personalities of the concerned sectors, under the leadership of Admiral M H Khan, former Chief of Staff Bangladesh Navy. Subsequently, CILT, Bangladesh had to undergo a number of hurdles in forward journey in delivering visible support to the logistics and transport sector of our country. It was a golden event in the history of CILT Bangladesh when Syed Rezaul Hayat a legendary figure in the Civil Service of Bangladesh, a former Permanent Secretary, took over as its President during early 2010, who under his wise and dedicated leadership took this organisation to a prestigious height involving various business and commerce chambers, Government of Bangladesh in the Ministries of Shipping, Communication, Local Government etc. Unfortunately, after his sudden demise in mid April 2012, CILT, Bangladesh faced serious setback. However, with all our efforts and the hard work of all EC members, CILT Bangladesh is expanding its Membership circle very steadily and among others, involving itself in providing training to the professionals, existing and potential members through CILT accredited courses I alongwith all the members of CILT, Bangladesh council feel honoured to see that our website has been effectively reorganised now and in its new journey,I WISH IT GODSPEED

KARAR MAHMUDUL HASSAN, President, CILT Bangladesh Council

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