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Whether you are a business, training organization, or public body, your goals are just as important to us. Consider taking full advantage of the values and services CILT has to provide your organization.

We’re enjoying great success in cultivating a spirit of togetherness to thrive in a male dominated industry (Aisha Ali Ibrahim, WiLAT Global Convenor at the WiLAT Africa Regional Conference March 2014). 

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Advantage Of Corporate Membership

  • Promotion: Cost effective way of promoting or creating awareness of your business or organization through CILAT.

  • Networking: Great way for keeping your business networking opportunities open for new partnership.

  • Aspire: Smart employees make for a smarter organization. We can assist in developing your employee’s skill set through continuous professional development.

  • Innovate: With all updated information on global/local trends, market insight, research data, your organization or business will be at the front of innovative breakthrough opportunities.


These advantages are all cost-effective ways of increasing productivity and profit. By linking your organisation with CILT you have access for many services and events that will benefit your employees regardless of their individual member status. Our corporate programmes differ between countries. Corporate packages usually allow you to nominate representatives from within your organisation to be registered as participants of CILT events. Nominating key personnel is a cost-effective and useful way of introducing employees to the benefits of the CILT network and is an excellent way to give an overview to senior managers in related specialisms such as Human Resources, Marketing and Finance.